Friday, February 1, 2013


HOLY CRAP! It has been a year since I have done anything with this blog. I blame it on a crazy life, lack of motivation, and rough times with my research project (which yes...I am still working on). I have set a new goal to keep up with this blog in order to have a future record of what I spend my time doing (or not doing). Here is a very quick re-cap of last year:

April: Earned my Black Belt in Kyu Shin Ryu (and yes...I am damn proud of myself)
May: Started my last field season for my research on Mexican spotted owls
June: Hiked Capitol Reef National Park
July: Hiked Zion National Park
August: Hiked Canyonlands National Park
September: Took a long and much needed break from hiking!
October: Established a new advisor (3rd time’s a charm!)
November: Freaked out about what I am supposed to be doing with my project.
December: Realized my data was not ‘working’ and dealing with vegetation really sucks...then freaked out some more!
January: Pulled my life back together and prepared a plan of attack with the help of an ‘un-official’ advisor.

There you have it...a short re-cap of what I have been up to. From this point on I will cover a random assortment of my daily (and past) adventures. 

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  1. It is more or less same with me but one should always look positives and strive for more. Good post, thanks for summing your year and sharing it with us.